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Unbroken Components

Rear Wheel for Pedicabs and E-bikes - Unbroken Components

Rear Wheel for Pedicabs and E-bikes - Unbroken Components

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This is our heavy duty rear 26" pedicab wheel for a 1" axle. This pedicab wheel has been designed from the ground up to easily withstand the forces that an electric pedicab experiences.

This pedicab wheel is 65mm wide to support wider tires (2.5" to 4") to better help cushion the impact of potholes on both the pedicab and its occupants. The sidewalls and corners of the rim have been heavily reinforced and thickened to handle sideways forces and the spoke area is also heavily reinforced and eyeleted. The hub is keyed for 1/8" and 1/4" to fit on a variety of pedicab axles. The wheel uses 48 14 guage spokes for strength and ease of maintenance.

Our rim alone is 1757g which is over twice the weight of a Halo SAS rim. The strength of the rim will help keep the wheel aligned but it will still need normal maintenance. As long as the wheel is properly tensioned and trued it will handle excessive pedicab loads much better and longer than lighter wheels would be able to.

Our hubs are brand new and are made to very tight tolerances. You should expect to file all the edges of your key to not be square and to file the lips that form on the edge of the axle's keyway to allow for easier installation

Please allow 2 weeks for order processing.

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