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Unbroken Components

Unbroken Rim - Tire Rim for Pedicabs - Unbroken Components

Unbroken Rim - Tire Rim for Pedicabs - Unbroken Components

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This is our Unbroken Rim, a 26" heavy duty cargo rim. It is 65mm wide, drilled and eyeletted for 48 14 guage spokes and is heavily reinforced

This pedicab wheel rim has been designed from the ground up to withstand the extreme forces that a modern pedicab experiences. Normal bicycle tire rims are not designed for lateral forces and that causes them to fail when used on a pedicab. Our pedicab tire rim is made with extra materials, extrusions, and a curved shape on the sidewalls that is intended to distribute the forces evenly so the rim does not fail at the shoulder or at the pinned joint.

The tire seating surface is extra thick and hooked for tire retention under heavy sideways loads. The area where the spokes pass through is extra thick, eyeletted, and has two vertical supports to keep the rim extremely stout even under the high tension required by 48 spokes.

The Unbroken Rim weighs 1757g which is over twice as heavy as a Halo SAS rim. This rim is extremely strong, which means that is easy to keep tensioned and true. The 65mm outer width means that the tire is optimized for a 26" x 2.6" through 4" tire being the best fit. 

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